Physical Asset Tagging


KOHI assets identification and industrial Labelling products and services assist facility managers in minimizing human errors and facilitating in-plant procedures. KOHI provides pipeline markers, valve tagging and equipment identification for developing new facilities as well as for existing facilities in line with industry regulatory requirements and best practices.

Fixed asset inventory changes on a daily basis as assets are bought, upgraded, sent for maintenance and repairs or disposed of. Whether the focus is tracking or preventing theft asset labels and asset tags are the tangible evidence of a well-organized asset management program. Oil and gas capital assets (piping and equipment) are a major portion of expenses that facility managers need to include in their budgets, therefore having an accurate snapshot of current assets is a necessity. It is critical to ensure the equipment that an organization owns, or has in their custody, is properly documented. It is also important for facility managers to easily interrogate their facility for asset integrity purposes. Accurate asset listings are also important for reporting requirements and disaster preparedness.  KOHI performs fixed asset tagging for in-line piping and equipment identification and also pipeline product colour coding scheme based on industry standard.  This information is vital for insurance and disaster recovery purposes as well as for Turn-key project services.

Over the years, our company have built a strong reputation for thoroughness, innovation and quality through its value adding services. Our objectives are always applying cost effective solutions to meet our clients’ needs and delivering our projects in record time.

KOHI Engineering Nigeria Ltd. also has added advantage as an indigenous company, knowledgeable in community and labour relations in the riverine and inter-land areas of the country.